When will out of stock items restock in your store?
We make every effort to keep our items available to our customers. In the event an item is out of stock it will typically return in 4-6 weeks and sometimes even sooner between 2-3 weeks. We ask that you use our inventory notification system by entering your email address on the page of the out of stock item so that you’re emailed as soon as the item you’re waiting on returns to the store. Hang in there! We promise it's worth the wait!
Are your products available other than through your website?
 We are currently expanding our Wholesale Program. If you would prefer to purchase our goodies through your local craft store let them know! You can also visit our Retailers page for more information.
How can I add another item or items to my existing order?
 If you by chance forgot to add something to your cart at checkout and would like to add it to your order please contact us! We'll have you place a second order which we will combine with the first. In most cases, we'll be able to provide you with a free shipping code so that you're not charged additional shipping at checkout.
I'm trying to checkout and your website says my email address is already in use. This is my only email address. What should I do?
 Not to worry! The website thinks you're trying to check out as a guest and recognizes your email address from a previous order. Just go back to our home page and log into your Customer Account by using the link at the very top right of the page. This should resolve your issues. If by chance you don't remember your password there is a forgot password link to assist you.
Can you combine my orders together to reduce my shipping costs?
YES! We can easily combine multiple orders together to reduce your shipping expense. However, as of October, 2014 we will only be able refund your shipping costs in the form of a store credit to your customer/user account which can be applied to a future purchase at Lil' Inker Designs.
I’d like to set up a wholesale account with Lil’ Inker Designs. Is that possible?
Thank you for your interest in our products. We are expanding our Wholesale Program Currently and would love to speak with you! For additional wholesale information please contact Laura at lilinkerdesigns@gmail.com and be sure to include your full name, store’s name and location and website address if applicable. Thank you.
Can you hold my order until another item is restocked?
 In most cases, YES! Please request that we hold your order by adding a request in the Comments to Seller section at checkout. Also, please ensure that you’ve signed up for our inventory notification system. When you place your second order, we will combine your orders together and issue a store credit for any unused shipping. If you are outside of the United States, please note that we may only issue a partial store credit depending on the weight of your orders combined.